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Hawaiian Movie.

Hawaii Picture Frame

Hawaii Motion Picture Frame

Frame Size

Rejoice with the morning birds at Maui's Emerald Pool. Experience the magic rays of sunrise peaking through golden clouds from the rim of Haleakala Crater. Watch the Earth itself being formed as fresh lava flows into the sea. Feel warm ocean spray leap into rainbows, as seawater roars from hidden blowholes. Hawaii's most delightful beaches reveal multi-hued sands of red, black and green, as the warm ocean washes over your feet. The Living Landscapes Collection is a series of programs designed to create sensory-immersive experiences of the world's most beautiful natural environments. These mesmerizing programs use state of the art High Definition video and stereo sound to bring the world's most beautiful natural environments to your home tables or wall. Whether you choose to transform your living room or home theatre environment into a tropical paradise, or simply want to replace the static pictures on your wall or desktop with more dynamic and lifelike imagery, the Living Landscapes motion picture frame will forever change your experience of television.
Continuous Play
Natural Sound Effects
Soothing Soundtracks
Vivid Picture Resolution
A Great Sleep Aid

"You'll Love Your Hawaii Picture Frame
Turns your walll into a Beatiful Hawaii Landscape!

In the Continental United States!

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