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Saltwater, Freshwater Aquariums Photo Frame.
Extreme Aquariums, Hawaii Underwater, Seaworkd, Bluscenes Aquarium Frame.
All of our Aquarium Videos.
Turn Your Wall into a Beautiful Tank.

$229.99 - $249.99
Frame Size

The Ultimate Aquariums Picture Frame

Over 9 hours of relaxing fish video shot for high-end HQ video for Digital Photo Frames.
Real aquarium audio tracks (bubbles) music in Dolby Digital & DTS Surround Sound Sound
AVI Video with MP3 Audio
Special close-up tracks, showing all fish in detail
Beautiful aquarium will give you many hours of pleasure. Enjoy a gorgeous tropical fish aquarium on your furniture or walls.

"You'll Love Your Digital Aquarium!"
Turns your Wall into a Aquarium

In the Continental United States!

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