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Sea World Aquarium Photo Frame.
Salt Water Wall Aquarium Frame.
Seaworld Waterless Saltwater Wall Aquariums.
Turn Your Wall into a Beautiful Tank.

$164.99 - $184.99
Frame Size

The Ultimate Seaworld Aquarium Picture Frame

60 minutes of relaxing fish video shot for high-end HQ 640x480 Digital Photo Frames.
Relaxing bubbles audio tracks in Dolby Digital & DTS Surround Sound Sound AVI Video with MP3 Audio.
Sea World Aquariums movie shot from 6 salt water tanks has breath taking marine life.
Beautiful wall aquarium will give you many hours of pleasure. Enjoy a gorgeous tropical fish aquarium on your furniture or walls.

"You'll Love Your Digital Aquarium!"
Turns your Wall into a Aquarium

In the Continental United States!

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