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Living Landscapes: Costa Rica Motion Picture Frame, Picture Frame Costa Rica Movie,
Moving Costa Rica Frame, Beautiful Landscapes,
Relaxation Movie, Photo Frame Costa Rica,
Costa Rican Movie.

Costa Rica Picture Frame

Costa Rica Motion Picture Frame

Frame Size

Descend into the mists of Costa Rica's cloud forest. Feel the swirling moisture nourish this lush ecosystem as a surround sound symphony of life fills the room. Experience the Oso Peninsula's lowland Rainforest where brillant scarlet macaws and sleeoy sloths dwell in on the the most bio-diverse places on Earth. Feast your eyes on brilliant golds and reds against an infinite backdrop of lush green. Your senses become intoxicated with the sweet, heady nectar of the jungle. Catch bright strokes of color streaking across tropical skies! Iridescent butterflies flit through the air like flowers on wings. The Living Landscapes Collection is a series of High Definition programs designed to create sensory-immersive experiences of the world's most beautiful natural environments. These mesmerizing programs use High Quality video and stereo sound to bring your home or walls to life. Transform your living room into a Living Landscape. Replace the static pictures on your wall with more lifelike imagery. Living Landscapes Video Collection will forever change your experience of television!
Continuous Play
A Great Sleep Aid

"You'll Love Your Costa Rica Picture Frame
Turns your walll into a Beatiful Costa Rica Landscape!

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