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About Us

At Digital Aquariums, we invented the Digital Aquarium, we specialize in Picture Frame Aquariums, Digital Picture Frames, Aquarium DVD's, Specialty DVD's, and other Digital Devices. We now created the Nature Picture Frame....

What is a Digital Aquarium? A true digital aquarium is a real aquarium in a digital picture frame with real video and sound. A Nature Digital Frame is the same, but with nature video and sounds.

Who invented the Digital Aquarium and Aquarium SD Cards?

Jim Simon of Lenzburg, IL invented the first Digital Aquarium in 2005. His wife's love for fish and his background in computers, electronics and videography led him to create one to replace all his aquariums. Even though they look and sound like a real aquarium, he still couldn't get his wife to let him sell the tanks.
What's amazing is Jim has been a quadreplegic since a car accident in 1982. He has been paralyzed from the neck down since then. He holds several patents on these and his Nature Picture Frames which have real video and audio of outdoor wonders, like waterfalls, Rocky Mountains, Ocean Waves and many more.

We have a wide variety of Aquarium Frame and Nature Frame sizes, from 10.4" Aquarium Frame, 12" Aquarium Frame, 15" Aquarium Frame, 20" Aquarium Frame and 32" Aquarium frames. Also 10" Nature Frame, 12" Nature Frame, 15" Nature Frame, 20" Nature Frame and 32" Nature frames. Enjoy having beautiful Aquariums without having to take care of them! We carry SD and other Memory Cards. These Digital Picture Frames will make perfect Christmas Gifts, Birthday gifts, Anniversary Gifts. Enjoy the Digital Fish Tanks full of tropical and saltwater fish. Also the beautiful nature scenes on digital photo frame.

We have been in the Retail business since 1986, servicing the Southern Illinois.

We now do business Worldwide!


"You'll Love Your Digital Aquarium!"
Plenty of Space for Hundreds of Photos Too!

In the Continental United States!

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